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Union African Pension Trust ltd was incorporated on 21st December, 1957. However the name was subsequently changed to unico Pension Trust ltd in December 1965. In June 2006, the name was changed to unico cpfa limited.

The company was initially formed to manage the Pension Fund of the Unilever interests in Nigeria. Subsequently, some of the companies in the group such as Lever Brothers (now Unilever), Nigerian Breweries, Guinness Nigeria left and formed their own pension funds.

Today, unico manages fund of all uacn plc group. These include UAC Restaurants Division, UAC Foods Limited, MDS Logistics. It also manages the pension fund of its subsidiaries such as UACN Property Development Company Plc (UPDC Plc), Chemical and Allied Products Plc (CAP Plc), Grand Cereals and Oil Mills Nigeria Limited (GCOML), Opticom Leasing Limited and GM Nigeria Limited (GMNL).

Other companies also managed by unico are Vitafoam Nigeria Plc, Vono Products Plc and MANTRAC Nigeria Limited.


First Pension Custodian Nigeria Limited is responsible for the custody of our RSA, Gratuity and Pensioner's Fund assets.

Our Pension Fund Custodian (PFC)
First Pension Custodian
4, Maduike Street, off Awolowo Road,
Ikoyi, Lagos
P.O.Box 50024, Falomo – Ikoyi
Tel: (01)-2713217, 82692736


We have over fifty-four years of experience in Pension Fund Management. We currently have around three thousand active members on our fund and over one thousand pensioners on our payroll. Our pensioners are scattered all over the Country and are paid on regular basis.

Pension payments are made so easy for our pensioners that they can receive their pension through the banks, uacn plc offices or any of its Business Units across the Country to ensure that payments are made to the rightful owners promptly.

Our Fund is ranked very high among the best managed funds in the country.